Jerry Berry

Jerry Berry, Principal Advisor, is a management consultant, facilitator and educator specializing in local government issues.  He was formerly the City Manager for the City of Nanaimo for 22 years having worked for that City for 28 years. During Jerry’s tenure as Manager, the City of Nanaimo received significant recognition and won numerous awards; particularly in strategic planning, environmental protection, community participation and innovative use of technology.   He has a particular interest in local government education, and received the President’s Millennium Award from the Local Government Management Association of BC for his contributions to the field. The Municipal Finance Authority and the North Central Municipal Officers’ Association (North Central Chapter) also presented Jerry with the Al Brockley Leadership Award for his long-standing work developing and supporting local government leaders. Jerry received the Distinguished Membership Award for 2010 from the Local Government Management Association of BC “For outstanding contribution to Local Government in British Columbia, and for promoting and upholding the LGMA ideals of professional management and leadership excellence“.

October 10th

11:00am - 12:15pm (Breakout Session 4 - Selkirk Room)

Organizational Culture: Leadership's Most Important Task

1:15pm - 2:30pm (Breakout Session 5 - Selkirk Room)

Organizational Culture: Leadership's Most Important Task

Arguably, the key leadership role of the responsible local government professional is building, nurturing and maintaining organizational culture and, consequently, public trust. The impact of ethical (and unethical) leadership on organizational performance and behaviour, and in serving and protecting the public interest has, perhaps, never been so apparent; nor has the need for strong principled leadership and ethical training ever been so critical.  This session will examine recent local government trends and case studies and present arguments for responses and best practices in an informative and entertaining way.  

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